Business Committee

The General Council has a Business Committee made up of elected and ex-officio members which meets twice annually. The Business Committee is tasked with organising the business within the remit of the General Council and framing the programme of business to be communicated to the General Council members under powers specifically conferred upon the Committee, or in circumstances of emergency.

Members of the General Council Business Committee receive regular reports on the activities of the University. All University decisions (in the form of draft ordinances and resolutions from University Court) are communicated to the General Council through the Business Committee. If any comments are made by the General Council, University Court is obliged to respond, and the General Council’s opinion is taking into consideration by University Court before decisions are formalised.

Membership of the Business Committee

The Business Committee consists of:

Elected members

There are twelve elected members on the Business Committee; they each hold office for four years. At the end of their term, they are eligible for re-election for another four years. After two consecutive terms, however, they cannot be elected or co-opted during the two years before the next round of elections.

Ex officio members

The following shall be members ex-officio:

  • the Principal
  • the Chancellor's Assessor on the University Court
  • the Assessors of the General Council on the University Court
  • the Conveners of all other committees (and standing sub-committees) of the General Council
  • co-opted members of the University Court who are alumni.

Co-opted members

If a vacancy occurs in the membership of the Committee, either because a member has demitted office before his/her term has expired or because an insufficient number of candidates have stood for election, the Committee may co-opt a new member to fill the vacancy, subject to his/her co-option being approved at the next General Council meeting. The combined number of elected and co-opted members must not exceed twelve. A co-opted member shall serve until the next round of elections when he/she shall be eligible to stand as a candidate.

Current members of the Business Committee


Mr D Graham Wynd


Mrs Gillian Stamper

Elected members (until 30 June of the year stated)

2019: Mr Ross M Allan, Mr Alistair Galloway, Mrs Annabel Hamid, Professor Andreas Klasen, Mr James Wallace and Mr D Graham Wynd
2021: Dr Alison Baverstock, Mr Nicholas Bibby, Mrs Brittany Collins, Mr Roger Knox, Ms Wendy Russell and Mrs Gillian Stamper

Ex officio members

The Principal — Professor Sally Mapstone
The Chancellor’s Assessor — Mr Adrian Greer (until 31 July 2020)
The General Council Assessors to the University Court — Mr Nigel B Christie (until 31 July 2020) and Mr Kenneth W Cochran (until 31 July 2018)
The Convener of the Ordinances and Resolutions Sub-committee — To be appointed

Ordinances and Resolutions Sub-committee

Mr D Graham Wynd (ex-officio), Acting Convener
Mr James Wallace
Mrs Annabel Hamid
Mr Alan Frith
Mrs Gillian Stamper (ex-officio)

Although not a member of the Business Committee, the Registrar and Clerk to the General Council, Mr Alastair Merill, Vice-Principal (Governance and Planning) is the Committee’s main point of contact with the University and has a standing invitation to attend its meetings.

Contacting the General Council Business Committee

Members are encouraged to contact the General Council regarding any matter bearing upon the University. Please email the Business Committee of the General Council at