General Council elections

The General Council holds responsibility for the election of a number of key figures within the University.

The Chancellor

The Chancellor of the University is elected by the members of the General Council. The Chancellor usually holds this office for life. Find out about the current University Chancellor.

General Council Assessors to the University Court

Every two years the General Council elects one of its members to serve as an assessor to the University Court for a four-year term. Find out about the current assessors on the University Court membership page.

Notice of forthcoming election of a General Council Assessor to serve on the University Court from 1 August 2018

Mr Kenneth Cochran completes his term of office as General Council Assessor to the University Court on 31 July 2018, after one initial four-year term. An election will be held to fill this vacancy, with the successful candidate holding the position for a four-year period from 1 August 2018.

The nomination period will run from 22 January 2018 until 9 March 2018. In the event of there being more than one valid nomination at the expiry of the nomination period, an online election will be held from 16 April 2018 to 11 May 2018. Voting will be via a secure online voting system or by a postal ballot if specifically requested by any General Council member.

Please note:

  • Only members of the General Council can be nominated for election as General Council Assessor.
  • No member of the Senatus Academicus, member of staff or matriculated student of the University of St Andrews is eligible for nomination for election as a General Council Assessor.
  • Members of the General Council who have previously served two terms of office as a General Council Assessor (whether or not consecutive) are also ineligible to stand for election.
  • Women and BME and LGBT+ people are currently under-represented on Court. Nominations from these groups are particularly welcome.
  • All members of the General Council, excluding members of the Senatus Academicus, are eligible to vote.

The name of the elected candidate and the results will be intimated formally at the second statutory half-yearly meeting of the General Council on 30 June 2018. Notice of the results will be published on the General Council website following this General Council meeting.

Further information will be available here at each stage of the election process. Information will also be sent to all members who are eligible to vote and have a valid email address on the alumni database. Email addresses can be provided or updated by emailing or by completing an online update form or by telephoning Alumni Relations on +44 (0)1334 461913.

Nomination forms are available online in pdf format or as a word document or can be requested by sending an email to or by writing to: The General Council Office, c/o Alumni Relations, Development, University of St Andrews, Crawford Building, 91 North Street, St Andrews, KY16 9AJ.

A nominee must be supported by one proposer and one seconder, each of whom must be a member of the General Council. All three must sign the form. The nominee should complete a short personal statement (not exceeding 250 words) in the format provided. These details will be made available to General Council members online in the event of an election.

The form must be returned to the General Council Office so as to arrive by 12 noon GMT on the closing date for nominations of 9 March 2018. Incomplete or late forms will not be accepted. Candidates wishing to return forms by email may do so, provided that photographed or scanned copies of the completed, signed forms are attached to the email and it is received by the above closing date.

In the event of there being more than one candidate, an election will take place online, using the alternative vote system, between Monday 16 April 2018 and Friday 11 May 2018. Information on the procedures for the online voting system will be sent to General Council members in April 2018. The result of the elections will be given to candidates, their proposers and seconders by Friday 25 May 2018 and will be announced at the General Council meeting in St Andrews on Saturday 30 June 2018.

You can find details of the attributes sought in General Council Assessors, as well as further background information, in the General Council Assessor Election 2018 Handbook which also contains links to other key reference documents.

For further information on the election process, the vacancy, the role of a General Council Assessor or the work of the University Court, please contact us by emailing or at the mailing address above.

Business Committee

Election of members to serve on the Business Committee from 1 July 2017

An election to fill seven vacancies on the Business Committee from 1 July 2017 (as a result of six members reaching the end of their terms and one by an earlier resignation) opened on 22 May and closed on 16 June 2017. Twenty-two nominations were received. Many thanks to all those who stood for election.

The following six candidates will fill the four-year vacancies:
Mrs Brittany Collins
Dr Alison Baverstock
Ms Wendy Russell
Mrs Gillian Stamper
Mr Nicholas Bibby
Mr Roger Knox

The following candidate will fill the two-year vacancy:
Professor Andreas Klasen

A copy of the full results is available by contacting the General Council Office at or +44 (0)1334 461913.