Current members of the Academic Council

Academic Council is made up of members of the senior management team, deans, heads of schools, senate assessors on Court, a number of elected non-professorial members of staff and four student members.

A list of all current members of Academic Council can be found below.

Principal (Convener)

Professor Sally Mapstone

The Deputy Principal and Master of the United College

Professor Garry Taylor

The Proctor

Professor Lorna Milne


The Dean of Arts and Divinity (Professor Paul Hibbert)
The Dean of Medicine (Professor David Crossman)
The Dean of Science (Professor Douglas Philp)
The Provost of St Leonard’s College (Professor Derek Woollins)

Heads of school

Art History (Dr Julian Luxford)
Biology (Professor Clare Peddie)
Chemistry (Professor David O’Hagan)
Classics (Professor Jason König)
Computer Science (Professor Simon Dobson)
Divinity (Dr Stephen Holmes)
Earth and Environmental Sciences (Professor Tony Prave)
Economics and Finance (Professor Alan Sutherland)
English (Professor Jane Stabler)
English Language Teaching (Ms Jane Magee) [Director]
Geography and Sustainable Development (Professor Bill Austin)
History (Professor Colin Kidd)
International Relations (Professor Anthony Lang)
Management (Professor John Ferguson / Professor Ruth Woodfield)
Mathematics and Statistics (Professor Thomas Neukirch)
Medicine (Professor David Crossman)
Modern Languages (Professor Will Fowler)
Philosophical, Anthropological and Film Studies (Professor Mark Harris)
Physics and Astronomy (Professor Graham Turnbull)
Psychology and Neuroscience (Professor Keith Sillar)

Senate assessors on University Court

Professor Frances Andrews (until 31 July 2019)
Professor Sharon Ashbrook (until 31 July 2020)
Dr Philip Roscoe (until 31 July 2018)
Dr Morven Shearer (until 31 July 2021)

Student members

Mr Lewis Wood, President (Students' Association)
Mr Nicola Simonetti, Arts/Divinity Faculty President (Students’ Association)
Mr John Weaver, Science/Medicine Faculty President (Students’ Association)
Ms Fanny Empacher, Postgraduate Convenor (Students’ Association)

Direct Electees


Dr Jonathan Coulston (until 31 July 2018)
Dr Elise Hugueny-Léger (until 31 July 2020)
Professor Jordi Larios (until 31 July 2020)

Life Sciences

Professor Clare Peddie (until 31 July 2018, serving a second term)

Physical Sciences

Dr Graham Kirby (until 31 July 2018)
Professor Philip Lightfoot (until 31 July 2018)
Professor Len Thomas (until 31 July 2018)

Social Sciences

Dr Jeffrey Murer (until 31 July 2020, serving a second term)
Dr Tobias Jung (until 31 July 2018).

In regular attendance

Professor Brad MacKay, Vice-Principal (International Strategy and External Relations)
Mr Alastair Merrill, Vice-Principal (Governance)
Mr John MacColl, University librarian
Dr Gillian MacIntosh, Executive Officer to Senate (Clerk)