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Prospective students

One of the great strengths of the University of St Andrews is its residential system and the variety and range of its residential accommodation. The University is unique among other Scottish universities in the extent and variety of its residential accommodation. Nearly half of our students live in University owned accommodation.

Single undergraduate students in their first year are given special priority and, under normal circumstances, are guaranteed accommodation usually in a Hall of Residence provided they apply by 30 June in the year of entry.

Each residence has a mixed population of first year and returning students, Home and Overseas student as well as students from different Faculties.  Living in a residence in your first year is the best possible start for your studies. Currently the hall population is made up of 34% returning students and 66% first year students.

Further information

If you have a question that isn't answered in the Frequently Asked Questions, you may contact Student Accommodation Services at

If you have any queries regarding catering or if you have dietary requirement, please contact our catering department at

You can also use the ask a question pages to help answer any queries.

Students with disabilities

The University gives all possible support to disabled students and those with limiting long term illness. To enable us to work with you to help meet your individual requirements, it is important that you provide full information on your application form of anything that is likely to impact on your accommodation needs.

The University understands that disability is not always visible and related to physical impairments, and Student Services can also provide additional support. We have a number of adapted rooms, and we encourage you to visit the accommodation to see facilities and talk to Student Accommodation Services before you accept a place in residence. If you want us to take account of your special circumstances, please let us know as soon as possible.

For further information on disabled access please visit Disabled Go.