Creating a social media account

Once you have settled on a strategy, including where and how you are going to concentrate your efforts, you are ready to start setting up accounts.

Below are some general hints, tips and examples of good practice to consider when setting up a social media account. If you would like to discuss your specific needs in more detail, please contact Corporate Communications.


It may sound like common sense, but choose a sensible name to use on your profile. You want it to be easy for people to find your social media profiles – be this through using a network’s own search function or through an external search engine – so try to avoid cryptic names or complicated acronyms.

University affiliation and branding

If you are setting up a social media account in a professional capacity make sure that your affiliation to the University of St Andrews is clear and that you have branded your page appropriately (please see the University’s corporate identity guidelines for more information).

Login and password details

Keep login details secure and ensure you share these with at least one other responsible person in your School or unit to allow access to pages and posts in your absence.

As good practice, School and unit secretaries should securely hold the login and password details of all official social media sites or channels operated by School or unit staff. If your account is hacked or compromised, inform Corporate Communications immediately (even out of hours), change your password if possible, and remove any offensive content. Take copies of content before removing.

Register your account with Corporate Communications

Once your profile is activated contact Corporate Communications to register your account. This allows the University to keep a central, up-to-date directory of all our social media pages and channels so we can help to increase the visibility and accessibility of your pages.