Apply to graduate

Degrees from the University of St Andrews are not automatically issued upon completion of a programme of study. In order to receive your degree, you must apply to graduate. Submitting an application to graduate is your responsibility, and in order to do so you must complete the online application form.

Students who are eligible to graduate will be contacted by the Graduation Office by email in March 2018. You should then submit an online application to graduate

Graduating students can choose to either graduate in person by attending a formal ceremony in St Andrews, or "in absentia" which means you do not need to attend a ceremony. Find out more about graduating in absentia.

Graduation checklist

  • Find out when your graduation ceremony is. There will be eight graduation ceremonies held in June 2018. Find a full list of graduation ceremonies.
  • Apply to graduate. The deadline for all students to apply to graduate (either in person or in absentia) is Friday 11 May 2018 at 5pm.
  • Students who have an outstanding debt to the University may not be permitted to graduate. You should check your student statement before graduation to clear any outstanding debt.

Graduating postgraduate research students only

If you have either submitted your finalised thesis copies, or are expecting to do so by the deadline below, you should make an application to graduate in order for your award to be conferred. If your degree has not been approved at the point of application, this will be the intended award until the degree has been approved.

Examining Committee Reports

In order to graduate in June 2018, the full set of Examining Committee Reports (including the final report recommending that the degree be awarded) must be submitted to Registry, Old Burgh School, Abbey Walk, St Andrews, by Friday 11 May 2018.

Submission of final copies (hard bound and electronic) of your thesis

Students intending to graduate must submit one hard bound copy plus one electronically readable copy on CD or DVD of the final version of your thesis. This should be submitted to Registry, Old Burgh School, Abbey Walk, St Andrews (the degree recommendation having been approved by the relevant Pro Dean) by Thursday 31 May 2018.

If the hard-bound copy and CD or DVD have not been received by this date, the student will not be permitted to graduate in June 2018.