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About us

We offer comprehensive computer, telephone and media services to all students and staff at the University of St Andrews.

We also manage reports of hardware faults and requests for advice on the use of computing service systems via our IT service desk team.

Our vision

We aim to provide a contemporary and integrated technological environment, which sustains and strengthens the University's ability to deliver its strategic objectives, facilitating collaboration, world-class teaching and research, and efficient business processes. We want to deliver an environment which will support students, research and academics by providing an empowering platform and functionality for knowledge creation and exchange.

Who we are

Our Unit is headed up by the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and has approximately 90 staff organised into 3 areas of focus. Each area is led by an Associate Chief Information Officer.

Our areas of focus are:

  • Service Delivery, responsible for the University IT service desk, desktop support and development, telephony services and business relationship management.
  • Applications, Infrastructure and Software Development, which manages, supports and develops the hardware and software infrastructure, including the University network. It also provides in-house application development and integration services in support of transformational projects across the University.
  • Information Assurance and Governance, responsible for risk and quality management, information assurance, security compliance, disaster recovery and business continuity and for developing IT standards and policies.

Our Senior Management team is comprised of:

  • Steve Watt, CIO
  • Kevin Donachie, Associate CIO - Service Delivery
  • Dean Drew, Associate CIO - Applications, Infrastructure and Software Development
  • Chris Milne, Associate CIO - Information Assurance and Governance
  • Pauline Brown, Service Operations Manager
  • Alex Ingles, ICT Resources Officer

A full list of our staff and their contact details can be found on our dedicated webpage (St Andrews login required).

Resources for IT Services staff


IT Services

Butts Wynd Building
Butts Wynd
St Andrews
KY16 9AL
Scotland, United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (1334) 463333