Residential support

All new students moving into a hall of residence will either be met on arrival, or soon after, by their wardennial team. The warden will help you to settle in and will pass on important information about residence life. They will also let you know about any welcome events for new students in the residence. These vary depending on which residence you are in, but it’s highly recommended that you go along so that you start to get to know the key staff and other residents.

The wardens

Within each hall of residence there is a wardennial team, consisting of a warden and a team of assistant wardens. The wardennial team has a lead role in working with residents, the hall committee and the residential services team in fostering a sense of community and hall identity.

The warden and assistant wardens provide out-of-hours contact and support and links to day-time services to ensure that help is available round-the-clock. They are a first point of contact if a health crisis occurs, if a student is in distress or is experiencing difficulties. Their role is one of a mentor, adviser and supporter for all the residents within the hall.

The warden and wardennial team are also responsible for student discipline and keeping order in the hall. All wardens and assistant wardens are professionally trained.

The wardennial team is on duty and available between 7pm and 8am every weekday (Monday to Friday) and between 2pm and 8am at weekends (Saturday and Sunday). They also provide drop-in sessions in each hall.

See the wardennial service webpage for more information.