The application process

The information below outlines the initial application steps required for students from your institution. For more information on the specifics of applying, please see the applying to St Andrews guide.

How to apply

Students must complete and submit an application form before the deadlines listed below. More information on the specifics of applying can be found on the how to apply page.

Applications from students who wish to come to St Andrews as part of an Exchange programme must be supported by a nomination from the home institution.

The University accepts applications submitted by students directly, or through a partner institution or provider, but we prefer to receive the application and most supporting documentation electronically and as a complete application. Electronic transcripts in lieu of an original hard copy can be accepted, but these must come from the Registry or Study Abroad office, rather than the applicant.

When to apply

Complete applications are considered on a rolling basis from the application opening date until the application deadline. Students normally expect to receive an answer within four weeks of submitting a complete application.

September entry:

  • Opening date: 15 February
  • Application deadline: 15 April

January entry:

  • Opening date: 1 September
  • Application deadline: 31 October

The University continues to accept applications on a case-by-case basis after the deadlines; please get in touch if you require further information.