About access and outreach at St Andrews

Going to university is a highly rewarding experience and one that everyone should have the opportunity to do. St Andrews has a diverse and vibrant student community, and students come from a range of backgrounds, having achieved a variety of qualifications. Whether you are a school leaver or a potential mature student, the Access team can ensure you have the right information to make an informed choice about studying here.

In determining who is to be offered a place, Admissions Officers seek clear evidence of academic ability to ensure that the applicant is not exposed to the prospect of failure. We do not have quotas which advantage or disadvantage any group of applicants and we are committed to treating all applicants fairly in a transparent process.

However, our policy has always been to take into account academic potential as well as achievement in examinations. Therefore, references which indicate that there are clear and justifiable reasons of a personal or social kind for underperformance are treated as important factors. We are determined to recognise both attainment and potential as we work towards making the University of St Andrews more accessible.

Our close partnerships with schools and colleges, our summer schools and our fundraising for bursaries are just some ways in which we ensure we continue to attract from areas and schools where participation rates at higher education have been traditionally low. In this way we will continue to enrich our diverse student population by attracting students from all walks of life who can contribute to the high standards to which we are committed.