Andrew Melville Hall

Andrew Melville Hall is situated on the North Haugh near the Faculty of Science buildings. Easily recognisable for its ship-like appearance, it is also located near to the Sports Centre and is only a 15-minute walk from the centre of town. Every room looks out over surrounding parkland as well as toward the renowned West Sands beach.

Andrew Melville Hall is currently closed for refurbishment and will reopen for September 2018.

Hall information

Andrew Melville Hall is a catered standard hall of residence. Each floor consists of 16 bedrooms along with a number of showers and bathrooms. The hall also includes three communal kitchens for students to make their own light snacks in.

The majority of rooms are standard single bedrooms, but there is one shared bedroom for undergraduates to choose from as well. Find out about sharing at St Andrews.

Undergraduate flats

For undergraduate students, Andrew Melville Hall has:

  • 277 catered standard single rooms with single-size beds
  • 1 catered standard shared room with single-size beds.


Andrew Melville Hall is located on the North Haugh on the western edge of town, near the Faculty of Science buildings and the Sports Centre. From here, you are only a 15-minute walk to the centre of town and local amenities, and only a ten-minute walk to the beautiful West Sands beach as well as the Old Course golf links.

What is Andrew Melville Hall like?

Andrew Melville Hall is renowned for having a strong community atmosphere. The small size of the hall allows all staff and students to get to know each other personally, making the hall feel like home.

The student-run committee organises social events including balls, ceilidh nights, pizza and DVD nights, rugby trips and more. The hall wardens host regular wine and cheese nights as well, so students can get to know their wardens better in a relaxed environment.

Right outside, there are large green areas used by students for sports and leisure. There is also a pond and wooded area with wild birds, bunnies and other wildlife.

Andrew Melville Hall


Andrew Melvill Hall offers various facilities for students to use for studying or socialising.


The laundry room contains five washers and six dryers which are card-operated. You can buy a card from the card dispensers in the foyer which you pre-load with credit via an online portal.

Computer room

The IT suite has ten computers which students are able to access at all hours.


There is a small library with a selection of books for residents to peruse or check out.

Common rooms

Andrew Melville Hall has two common rooms which include a pool table, table-tennis, vending machines, TV and a piano.

Reading rooms

The hall has two quiet reading rooms available for students to study in: one attached to the library and one attached to the computer room.



All University halls of residence have their own wardennial team, who live within the hall and are trained and available to support students in a range of matters – from advice on academic matters, through to first aid. New students will meet their warden and team of assistant wardens during their moving in weekend.

Wardens and support


Andrew Melville Hall

University of St Andrews
North Haugh
St Andrews
KY16 9SU

Phone: +44 (0)1334 46 7076