Each hall of residence puts on a variety of unique events each year. These events are typically organised by the hall committee or the wardens, and everyone is welcome to participate, whether by attending and enjoying your time with friends, or by helping to organise and set up.

Weekly events

All halls host a number of weekly events for their residents. These are typically casual events intended to bring residents together for fun and relaxation.

Some weekly events you’ll see around various halls include:

  • video and board game nights
  • pub quizzes
  • film and pizza nights
  • beach bonfires
  • garden parties
  • sports games
  • karaoke nights.

Wine and cheese nights with the wardens

In many of the halls, the wardennial team will host regular wine and cheese nights. This is a great opportunity for you to meet your wardens in a relaxed and informal setting.

Hall balls

Most halls host at least one grand ball a year. These are formal affairs where you are encouraged to dress in your finest clothes and dance the night away. You can also attend balls hosted by other halls, meaning there will be plenty of opportunities to don your ball attire.

Sports competitions

Each hall participates in the Hall Sport programme which runs throughout the academic year and provides students with the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of different sports and activities. All halls compete against each other in different events where they gather points that go towards their hall total. At the end of the year, the hall with the largest points total is deemed the overall winner.


Some halls organise trips out of St Andrews for the day, such as the Agnes Blackadder Hall's Christmas bus trip to Edinburgh or Andrew Melville Hall’s trips to see rugby games.


Many halls have a unique and extensive history, and therefore many events are centred around tradition. For example, John Burnet Hall has a birthday celebration for their namesake, while St Salvator’s Hall hosts High Table every week for a small group of students to attend a formal dinner with a prominent member of the St Andrews staff or community.