Deans Court

Deans Court is the only catered postgraduate hall. The building dates back to the 15th century and is located directly across from St Andrews Cathedral in the centre of town. In catered standard accommodation, you will be provided with 15 meals per week.

Hall information

Deans Court has single rooms located throughout the main building and annexes. Most bedrooms are classed as standard catered which includes 15 meals per week and shared bathroom facilities. Some rooms have private en suite facilities which include a shower and sink however all residents share toilets.

The Deans Court complex consists of 55 rooms:

  • 20 standard single rooms with single-size beds in the main building
  • 31 standard rooms with single-size beds in the Deans Court Annexes located on North Street and South Street
  • 3 en suite rooms, one in North Street and two in South Street with single-size beds
  • 1 studio in the main building with double-size bed.


Deans Court is located near to the historic ruins of St Andrews Castle and St Andrews Cathedral. Close to the centre of town, the flats are conveniently located for the University Library and several Arts buildings.

What is Deans Court like?

Deans Court is the University’s only catered postgraduate residence. The Hall benefits from a good sense of community with a committee who run events throughout the year. Residents have access to a large garden where barbeques are held during the warmer months. Rooms at Deans Court are cleaned on a weekly basis.

Deans Court


Deans Court has the following facilities for all residents to use.


The laundry room contains two washers and two dryers which are card-operated. You can buy a card from the card dispensers in the foyer which you pre-load with credit via an online portal.


Attached to the common room is a library with books donated by previous residents over the years.

Common rooms

Within the common room is a piano, television and comfortable seating.


Deans Court

University of St Andrews
North Street
St Andrews
KY16 9QT

Phone: +44 (0)1334 46 7147