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My application allows you to track the progress of an application that you have already submitted to St Andrews. This is also where you make scholarship applications. You may also use it to update your details or submit any further information that has been requested.

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How to apply for scholarships

Applicants who have applied for a course at the University of St Andrews, but are waiting to hear if they have been offered a place, can apply for scholarships by logging into 'My application' and following these steps:

  1. Access your application by choosing 'Log in' above. Please note, applicants should wait until the next working day after submission to study at St Andrews before attempting to access My Application.
  2. Choose Scholarships and funding, found under 'Useful links'.
  3. Choose View the scholarships and funding catalogue.
  4. In 'Funding search', enter the academic year you are applying to, the award type (note, if you are applying for the Accommodation Award, choose 'Accommodation' for award type instead of 'Tuition and maintenance') and the study level. Ignore the country of domicile and school boxes. Choose Refresh list.
  5. You will now find a list of many scholarships. To find a specific scholarship, search for the name in the Filter box.
  6. You can then proceed to apply for a particular scholarship. Please note that if an answer you give indicates you are ineligible for that fund (for example, you are applying for a scholarship that is for applicants living in Hong Kong, but you enter that you do not live in China) your application will be rejected by the software. If you have entered an answer in error, you can edit your application details to correct them and re-apply for that fund.

If you have any problems or need assistance applying for scholarships, please email