Undergraduate study options

Studying at the University of St Andrews is a unique experience. Before beginning a degree or programme at the University, you can read about what to expect as an undergraduate student.  

Find out about the various degree routes available at an undergraduate level, including flexible study, our foundation programmes and the General Degree.

Many students choose St Andrews because of the flexible degree structure and modular system. Students typically study modules across a range of schools during their years of sub-honours study.

Students at St Andrews belong to one of the University's four Faculties, which are the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Divinity, the Faculty of Medicine, and the Faculty of Science.

Undergraduate teaching at the University of St Andrews is usually delivered in courses of lectures given by specialists in particular subjects. However, staff at the University also employ a number of other teaching methods where appropriate.

If you already know which subject you are interested in studying, you may find it useful to take a look at the website for that academic school. You can find information about modules, professors and assessment on each school's website.

Make sure you meet the entrance requirements for the degree you want to study at the University by checking your grades against our international entrance requirement profiles, which offer detailed qualification requirements for over 200 countries.