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Study and Work Abroad Coordinators

Study Abroad Coordinators 2017-2018 Semester 1

Department and School


 Art History Dr Stephanie O’Rourke 
 Biology Dr Iain Matthews
 Chemistry Prof Chris Baddeley
 Classics Dr Carlos Machado
 Computer Science Dr Graham Kirby
 Divinity Dr George Corbett
 Economics and Finance Dr Jim Jin
 English Dr Matthew Augustine
 Earth and Environmental Sciences TBC
 Geography and Sustainable Development Dr Antje Brown
 History Dr Matthew McLean
 International Relations Dr Mateja Peter

Dr Gail Greig

 Mathematics and Statistics Dr Collin Bleak
 Arabic Dr Orhan Elmaz
 Comparative Literature Dr Emily Finer
 French Dr Elodie Laugt
 German Dr Andrew Cusack
 Italian Dr Stefania Triggiano
 Russian Dr Conny Opitz
 Spanish Dr Kormi Anipa
 Spanish - Uruguay Prof Gustavo San Roman
 Film Studies Dr Elisabetta Girelli
 Philosophy Prof Sarah Broadie
 Social Anthropology Dr Mattia Fumanti
 Physics & Astronomy Dr Charles Baily
 Psychology Dr Mike Oram
 Neuroscience Dr Stefan Pulver

Work Placement Coordinators 2017-2018 Semester 1

Department and School


Extension number

Biology Dr Jacqueline Nairn 3604
Chemistry Dr Georg Haehner


French Dr Emma Herdman 3651
German Dr Andrew Cusack 3661
Italian Dr Stefania Triggiano 3650
Spanish Dr Kormi Anipa 2965

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Study and Work Abroad Pre-Departure Guide 2017-2018 (PDF, 611 KB)

Study and Work Abroad Coordinators


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