How students are selected

The selection process for applicants to Medicine includes an assessment of all information on the application form including:

  • academic performance
  • personal statement and reference
  • UKCAT scores.

The School has a limited number of interview places (around 400). To be considered for interview, applicants must have:

  • a strong academic record
  • a positive reference
  • relevant, medically related work experience (see qualities and experience on the entry requirements page).

Applicants meeting these requirements will be ranked on the basis of their UKCAT global score. Those ranked in the top 400 or so will be given an interview. Decisions to make offers will be based on the interview score and the ‘route’ to which applicants have applied. Where applicants have the same interview score, the global UKCAT score will be used to differentiate between them.

The interview process

If chosen for interview, home, EU, and overseas students living in Britain will be invited to interview in St Andrews. Other overseas students can be interviewed by telephone or video call.

Interviews take place in December and then in the following January, February and March. Applicants who applied via UCAS will be notified of decisions via UCAS, and those who submitted a direct application will be notified via email.

The majority of decisions are made in mid-March when it is clear where applicant scores fit within the overall ranking for the different 'routes' of application.

Feedback on application

The information on UCAS track will include some feedback as to why an applicant was unsuccessful in their application. Applicants can request additional feedback in writing or by email. It is likely that the medical admissions office will not be in a position to respond to feedback requests until all decisions have been made, which should be by the end of March. 

Requests for feedback must be received by the end of May; no response will be given to requests received after that deadline. Inquiries should be submitted to:

Medical Admissions Officer
University of St Andrews
Admissions Application Centre
St Katherine’s West
The Scores
St Andrews
KY16 9AX


Please see the University’s undergraduate admissions policy for information on the appeal process.