Psychology and neuroscience

From biological brains to social minds, this course will reflect contemporary learning and research in the areas of psychology and neuroscience. The course will comprise of lectures, tutorials and practical workshops, closely mirroring the student experience within the Scottish higher education system.

Over the course of three weeks, students will attend sessions delivered by full-time faculty from the School of Psychology and Neuroscience. You will cover a broad range of topics such as:

  • evolutionary and developmental psychology
  • social psychology
  • cognition
  • perception
  • educational psychology
  • brain function and the biology of neurons
  • disorders of the nervous system (for example, Alzheimer’s Disease or Motor Neuron Disease).

In addition to the core subject areas, this course will also emphasise the importance of research. Students will directly engage with the research process by running their own studies. This will allow them to experience hypothesis formation, research design, data collection and interpretation, and the dissemination of findings through different formats including mini lab reports and posters.

Overall, this course aims to foster close relationships between staff and students in an intellectually stimulating environment. Through this experience, students will develop a basic understanding of psychology and neuroscience and the scientific process underlying our knowledge in these fields. Students will also be equipped with the confidence and skills (both generic and academic) necessary to successfully transition into higher education and beyond.