The Study Science course has been specifically designed for students interested in pursuing scientific studies at a British university. The course comprises academic input from a number of departments within the University’s Faculty of Science.

In Block 1, you will get a taster in undergraduate courses in:

  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Earth Science.

In Block 2, the courses will be in:

  • Psychology and Neuroscience
  • Mathematicss and Statistics
  • Climate
  • Population and Sustainability
  • Computer Science.

All Science classes will be taught by the academic Schools and will include a combination of one or more of the following: lectures, presentations, seminars, laboratories, workshops and field work.

Study science

Students will also develop knowledge of English for scientific and academic purposes, undertake a group research project on one of the Science disciplines, and learn about the different academic skills that are essential to university life.

Lecture and workshop content are taught by University staff and are underpinned by additional practical sessions in laboratories and field trips. Participants will:

  • take part in class discussions, role playing games and group projects related to scientific themes and topics
  • be trained in laboratory safety procedures and protocols
  • prepare assorted equipment for use in experiments
  • create a poster presentation
  • master new science-specific academic vocabulary.