Talk and tour

Since St Andrews is such a unique university, we encourage everyone thinking of applying to attend one of our visiting days. If this is not possible a talk and tour can be arranged.

The University welcomes visitors every weekday (Monday to Friday) throughout the year, with the exception of the May Day and Christmas holidays. The structure of your visit will depend upon whether you are normally resident in the UK and EU or elsewhere in the world.

Whilst Admissions aim to be flexible as to which week day you come to visit, visit times are set and cannot be amended. Talk and tours are not available on a Saturday or Sunday.

St Andrews requests that you give us two weeks’ notice in advance of your visit and will contact you to confirm your visit date within two working days of receiving your request. Your talk and tour should not be considered confirmed until you have had a confirmation email from us stating the time and date of your visit.

For travel to and accommodation in St Andrews, please take a look at our advice on visiting St Andrews.

Your visit

The talk and tour programme consists of the following:

  • A walking tour given by a student ambassador. Subjects covered during the tour include the University’s history, traditions and what life here is like as a student. Visitors are actively encouraged to ask questions. This tour does take place outdoors and we would like to remind people to be prepared for Scotland’s sometimes unpredictable weather. Please note that for security reasons, no luggage can be stored during the tour. The tour will take around 45 minutes.
  • A talk given by a member of Admissions staff. This covers applying to St Andrews, degree structure, accommodation, University facilities and student life. We encourage visitors to familiarise themselves with course information and entry requirements ahead of their visit, details of all courses can be found in our prospectus. This talk will take around 50 minutes.
  • At certain times of year it may be possible to arrange a meeting with a member of academic staff involved in your desired field of study. These meetings are arranged on a case-by-case basis, require at least two weeks’ notice, and unfortunately cannot be guaranteed. Meetings are likely to take place in the early afternoon, so please ensure that you indicate your approximate departure time on the booking form where requested. 

Please note that the programme for international visitors begins at 10am, and 11am for UK and EU visitors.

We are unable to offer visitors access to University managed accommodation. This is in order to respect the privacy of current students.

We would advise international visitors not to book their talk and tour on the same day that they arrive in the UK, as flights arriving in Edinburgh after 8am do not allow for visitors to reach St Andrews in time.  

How to book

You can request a talk and tour at St Andrews by completing our online talk and tour booking form. Please select the month you would like to attend from the list below.

St Andrews publishes the booking forms for the next six months of available dates. If you would like to book onto a talk and tour more than six months in the future, please email